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Truck Trailer Leaf Spring

Truck Trailer Leaf Spring

  • Product Description:

Leaf spring: a combination of multiple plates of unequal length and curvature. After installation, both ends naturally bend upward. When the impact of road surface on the wheel is transmitted, the steel plate will deform to cushion and reduce vibration, and guide and transmit force in longitudinal arrangement. Most of the independent suspension USES leaf spring as elastic element, which can save the guide device and shock absorber, and the structure is simple.

  • Leaf springs are made as follows:
1. Shearing of flat bar
2. Center hole punching / Drilling
3. End Heating process forming (hot & cold process) (1) Eye Forming / Wrapper Forming
(2) Diamond cutting / end trimming / width cutting / end tapering
(3) End punching / end grooving / end bending / end forging / eye grinding
(4) Center hole punching / Drilling / nibbing
4. Heat Treatment (1) Heating
(2) Camber forming
(3) Quenching
(4) Tempering
5. Surface preparation (1) Shot peening / stress peening
(2) Painting
6. Eye bush preparation process (1) Eye reaming / eye boring
(2) Bush insertion
(3) Bush reaming
7. Assemble (1) Presetting & load testing
(2) Paint touch-up
(3) Marking & packing
  • Specifications:

We can supply various range of multi-leaf spring, parabolic leaf spring and Z-type leaf spring with high quality &best price.

Thickness: From 6 mm to 50 mm

Width: From 45mm to 152mm

Color: shinning black, dark black, grey, blue follow your requirement.

Materials: SUP7, SUP9, SUP9A, SUP10, SUP11, SUP11A, 60Si2Mn, 55CrMnA and 50CrVA are available

We can produce special leaf spring according to your special requirement.

  • Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Usually Wooden Pallets & Waterproof Membrane, we can also pack according to customers' needs.

Port: Qingdao or other ports

Lead Time:

Quantity (Sets) 1 – 10000 around 25days

>10000 To be negotiated

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