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Truck Trailer Landing Gear

Truck Trailer Landing Gear

  • Product Description:

1. The device is use for semi-trailer and special trailers.

2. It lift and support trailer when it is separated from tractor.

3. It's also in use for all sorts of trucks that they are secured to work as jack.

4. The quality is up to the standard of American ABS specification.

5. Landing Gear has slow and fast two speed. Please use slow speed when loading. It is easy to operate. Do not use fast speed. It is possible to injure landing gear.

  • Features:

1. Hot-rolled screw molding, high strength

2. High-grade alloy steel transmission gear

3. Double reduction gear design, light and easy

4. Sliding shift, easy to operate

5. Dimension of connection meets TTMA.AAR specification

  • Product Parameters:
Item Rated Lift Load Capacity (T/Per Pair) Rated Ultimate Load Capacity (T/Per Pair) Travel Max(mm) Low Gear (mm/Turn) High Gear (mm/Turn)
0716.3480.01 16 28 480 0.86 6.54
0728.3480.01 28 80 480 0.67 6
0728.3480.02 28 80 480 0.72 5.42
0728.3480.03 28 80 480 0.72 5.42
0728.3480.04 28 50 480 1 10.6

We can do any type landing gear according you’re drawing.

We have total four type shoes for selected, they are A, R, S, T,as is shown.

  • Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Usually Wooden Pallets & Waterproof Membrane, we can also pack according to customers' needs.

Port: Qingdao or other ports

Lead Time:

Quantity (Pairs) 1 – 10000 around 25days

>10000 To be negotiated

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